Sunday, September 22, 2013

Set Sail for Productivity

I have been so productive over the last few days, it is ridiculous. I took Friday off from work and used the time to work on things that I have been wanting to get done around the house. Here is what I did on Friday:

-bought three gold candlesticks at my local thrift store so that I can use them for a project inspired by one I found on Pinterest.
-got supplies to make my own freezer jam
-picked up some things I needed at Rite Aid (body wash, mascara, you know)
-mopped my floors
-made my jam
-sewed another blanket for the Bear (a bigger version of one I had made previously because Jamie loved the fabric so much)

After going over this list, it doesn't seem like much, but mopping took a bit and then I had to wait for the floors to dry. I also took some time to eat lunch and watch an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Overall, I was quite pleased with myself.

Friday evening, Boyfriend and I decided that we would have a lazy day on Saturday. The forecast was pretty much rain, rain, rain all day so we thought it would be perfect. We later decided to clean the cat litter areas in the house. We figured this would take a couple of hours. We were wrong. Once we got into it, we spend pretty much the whole day on it. We did take a couple of small breaks, including one for dinner, but by ten o'clock we were finally done and pretty exhausted. This whole thing was known as A Salute to Cat Hygiene. Did I mention we groomed all three felines? We did.

Today will involve an afternoon of porch rail painting, I believe. And I'm also baking a pumpkin pie. It's autumn, after all!

I'll be updating again more frequently. I don't know what my deal was before. Oh well.