Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello there! I'm Erika. It's nice to meet you.

This is my new blog. I decided I needed to branch off from my previous blog because, dang it, I need to be more focused. I'm still not sure in which direction this blog will head (so much for focused...), but I'm excited to find out. 

Right now, you should know:

-I live with my boyfriend and three cats.
-I am a(n) historian (among other things), but right now I work for a non-profit.
-I'm from Michigan!
-I like to garden. (I'm working on a square foot garden!)
-I love photography.
-I make valiant efforts to cook and bake delicious things.

Okay. The list is getting a bit crazy. You'll get the idea (though, I'm sure that the four people who will actually read this will either be related to me or someone else close to me...).

1 comment:

  1. Following, of course. :) Maybe you could post some recipes, as I haven't been one to sit down and look for anything delicious to cook in a while... blah...