Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garden Experiments

The last time I planted a garden was two years ago. Last year, I never got around to it and, if you must know, that makes me feel really silly. Anyway, you may know that I used the Square Foot Gardening method for our first garden and that worked out pretty well.
This year, I began thinking about the garden pretty early on. I had read a bit about companion planting online and so checked out a few library books on the subject including Great Garden Companions by Sally Jean Cunningham. I really liked it, and picked up a copy on Amazon.
I decided that I would try a garden that used bits and pieces of both methods. Who knows if this will be a success or not, but I went for it. I got everything planted on Sunday afternoon after sitting down at my picnic table with both books, my notebook, and a crapload of seeds. I mean, a bunch. AND I think I have more seeds somewhere, because I know I didn't use all of them last time so they must exist somewhere in my basement. Someday, I will find them. Anyway, here is what I planted:
-cucumbers ("picklebush" variety which means I may not be contending with a ton of vines and the cukes will be small)
-roma tomatoes
-sugar snap peas
-Serrano peppers
-sweet banana peppers
-bell peppers
-carrots ("little finger" variety, so they'll be pretty small like the cucumbers)
I think that's all of it. I'm pretty excited to start seeing things coming up, maybe as soon as next week for some things. I know that peas move along pretty quickly.
Are you planting a garden this year? What will you grow?

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