Saturday, October 27, 2012

Introducing... Kittnins!

I think that I probably need to introduce the felines that live with me. Fun fact: all three of my cats came in a package deal with my boyfriend. I remember the first time I went over to Boyfriend's apartment. I was doing some homework on his couch and one of the cats hopped up and sat next to me and then we were all friends. I never had a cat growing up because my dad and my sister are super allergic to them, so I was never aware of the excitement that comes with being a cat owner. Oh, so much excitement.

The first cat I will introduce you to is Kittnins!

Kittnins (sometimes known to me as Kit Kat) was Boyfriend's very first pet. He was very small and sick when he came into Boyfriend's life. He was, apparently, the size of a Comcast tv remote. And he could fit in the pocket of Boyfriend's hoodie. Kittnins is the most cat-like of all of our cats. He isn't really a cuddly cat, not like our other two. He'll sit in your general vicinity, but not on your lap.

A few funny things about Kittnins:

-He doesn't meow (none of our cats really do the standard "meow"), but he makes a meeping sound.
-When he gets hungry, he follows me around and opens his mouth. I can ask him to show me his teeth and he does. It's very clever. 
-He really likes ice cubes. When I fill my water bottle in the morning, I put a few cubes in the water bowl and he pokes at them with his paw. 
-He owns a tiny cat-sized jersey. 
-I sometimes wake up at night to find him sleeping on my pillow above my head.
-When I sit on the couch, he sits on the back of it behind my head and rubs his head on mine. 

One down, two to go!

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