Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A List For A Wednesday

It is, my friends, time for a list. A list of random things that are making me happy lately:

-Smoothies. Boyfriend and I bought an inexpensive blender and we've been making delicious smoothie creations lately.
-Hockey!!! It's back!! Also, I am reading a hockey-related book right now (Have you seen Slapshot?).
-Lenny the Lobster. As I reported last week, the cats really love this toy. I had to rescue poor Lenny from the water bowl the other day. 
-Sewing. I know I already mentioned this the other day, but I'm so excited about my sewing accomplishments. It is really exciting to be able to create something that other people think is cool and useful.

It has been quite cold here this week, but we haven't gotten much snow at all. Everyone I know in Michigan, however, has gotten a TON of snow today. I'm hoping we get some at some point, but I just want it all at once so I don't have to deal with it forever. I know that voicing this request will make a difference. Of course.


  1. We'll keep our snow, but when it turns to slush, then you can have it.

    1. Oh noooo... when it turns to slush, let's send it somewhere else.