Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup

On Sunday, I made one of my favorite soups for dinner: Sausage, Potato & Kale. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I've made this one before (but never blogged about it?) and it turned out beautifully, so when I got a craving for it, I decided to forge ahead. If you're into that zuppa toscana soup at the Olive Garden, you're going to want to make this. It's essentially the same. I think my favorite part about this soup is the kale. THE KALE. It's so good.

Side note: the first time I bought kale at the grocery store, the cashier didn't know what it was, stared at it quizzically, put it in my bag, and swiftly moved on before I even knew what was happening. Haha. Free kale!

Anyway, here is my kale, all ripped up, rinsed and ready to go. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Here are the potatoes, chopped, cooked and draining:

I got my sausage from the meat counter at the grocery store, rather than picking up a pre-packaged situation. No biggie. I chose the "mild-hot" variety and it was pretty darn spicy. If you're into that, cool. If not, maybe try something a bit more tame. Next time, I might use half mild-hot and half sweet. We'll see. Here is the sausage and the onion, creating a wonderful harmony in a pan.

The Pioneer Woman doesn't list when to use the onion. It's at the sausage cook time. She notes it in her pictures, but not in the written recipe. Just FYI.

Here is the finished product, a zesty, kale-filled wonder! So, so, good. Mmm. Seriously.


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