Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl Snacks

Ah, the Super Bowl. I didn't know if I would actually be watching this year. You know, because the Steelers weren't playing. And because the Ravens were. THE RAVENS. If you know anything about Pittsburghers, you know that they do not like the Ravens. Anywayyyy... we did watch the game (rooted for the 49ers, I think) and we decided to make some delicious snacks to munch throughout. 

I made some pepperoni dip with a recipe courtesy of my coworker, Joy. It's really simple. I have made it twice now and I always halve the recipe because I don't need more than that. Here is the recipe as I make it (if you want to make a larger batch, just double it):

8 oz. block of cream cheese
1 can cream of celery soup
1 lb pepperoni (I used 8 oz. of pepperoni instead)

-Combine in a crock pot. 
-Let cook until all hot, melty and delicious.

We tried this on wheat crackers, but it was much better on tortilla chips. Just FYI.

We also made some amazing nachos. Boyfriend found this article last week and asked if we could make them together. I said yes, of course. Who doesn't love nachos?! Toppings-wise, we selected from cheese, chili, salsa and sour cream. Let me tell you. Amazing. It was really fun to make the little nacho cups, too. We had a good time both making and eating these. 

Game-wise, I didn't really care that much about what was happening. I did like some of the commercials and I enjoyed the half time show. I think the snacks still get my vote for the best part, though. Mmm snacks.    

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