Saturday, February 9, 2013


Okay. It's no secret that I love mail. I love getting letters, I love sending letters. I love sending surprise packages, birthday packages, Christmas packages. You get the idea. Naturally, when I found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Caroline (she blogs over at Sew Caroline), was co-hosting a Valentine's Day themed swap, I jumped at the chance to participate.

I filled out the sign up form and waited really impatiently for the email in which I received my partner's information. Really. Impatiently. And finally, after ages (not really) of waiting, I received the name of my swap partner! It's Mandy! She blogs over at Chocolate and Cream Cake and we have some things in common, so I knew we'd get along just swimmingly. I got my package the other day and it. was. awesome. It was so nice to get something random and special in the mail. If you are curious about what I sent to her, you can read her entry here.

Thanks for everything, Mandy!

I bet you're wondering about all of the cool things I received. Here is my box, as I found it when I first opened the tape:

Here is some awesome candy!! I'm so excited to try out these chocolate stirrer things. Don't they look awesome (you can see them on either side of the photo, in case you're confused)?? You just stir it into some warm milk! Amazing.

Next up, we have my awesome mug. Since that was the theme of the swap this year, we all exchanged various mugs. Mandy actually painted an E on this one for me! Doesn't it look great?! I wish I were still in school so I could properly rock the pencil holder in public.

And here is one more shot of everything Mandy sent me:

I'm so glad I got to participate in this swap! It was great to make contact with someone out there in this great, wide internet. I'm looking forward to participating in another!