Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cheesy Taco Soup

You know that feeling you get just before you get sick? That weird, scratchy throat, sort of sleepy feeling? That's what I am feeling right now. That's how I've been feeling for two days now. Ugh. It totally sucks. I do not want to be sick this weekend. It's supposed to be nice out! The temperature is supposed to be in the 50s!!! Grr.

I made some awesome soup for dinner tonight. Cheesy Taco Soup, courtesy of Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats. Can I just say... YUM. This soup was really very easy and made a quick post-work meal. I liked that. I'm excited to eat the leftovers! Haha. That's kind of the ultimate test for me. Do I want to eat this eight more times? Yes? Okay! We have a winner!!

I am excited to try some of Kristin's other recipes. Woohoo! You need to check out her site.

In unrelated news: I finished that Louisa May Alcott biography the other night. So good!! You really need to read it. I am now bent on going to Massachusetts. Especially Concord. Oh yes, oh yes.

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