Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I was exceptionally clumsy yesterday. I can't even remember all of the silly things that I did,  but I will surely try:

-I crashed into the fire extinguisher case at work. (It is in this weird bubble case thing that sticks out from the wall.)
-I bumped sideways into someone's cube wall.
-I stood up from a chair and smashed my ankle into the chair leg.
-I scraped my finger on a shelf in my refrigerator.
-I poured boiling water on my foot.
-I picked up a bottle of ibuprofen only to discover that the lid wasn't on as it went flying through the air, littering the bathroom floor with orange pain relievers. 

What a day! I was afraid to get too near Boyfriend because I didn't want him to become an unwilling participant in my clumsy escapades. Oh dear. I tend to be somewhat clumsy on a regular basis because I am usually moving too quickly, but this seemed like more than usual. 

Here's hoping today is less eventful.

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