Thursday, October 3, 2013

Freezer Jam!

I have been thinking about freezer jam for months. MONTHS. I found this recipe via pinterest a long while back and knew I had to try it. Regular canning intimidates me, but I figured that freezer jam was more reasonable. 

A couple of Fridays ago, I embarked on my endeavor. I decided to do a straight up raspberry jam, despite the recipe calling for a lime zest. I thought I could get raspberries at Aldi, but I was wrong. So I ended up getting everything at Giant Eagle. Fruit, pectin, jars. The whole process was pretty simple and didn't take long at all. I ended up being able to make five jars. I kept two (mostly because we basically inhaled the first one), gave one to Elisa & Chantry, one to Jamie & Jason, and one to Boyfriend's parents. So far, rave reviews! If you've ever wanted to make jam but were afraid of boiling jars and all that, try this out.

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