Saturday, October 5, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013

Since I have been so bad about keeping up with blog posts, it isn't super surprising that this one is so late. It is a bit ridiculous, though. 

In the tradition of the girls weekend we had at my house last November, my mom, sister and I got together for a weekend in April. APRIL. That is six months ago, isn't it? Goodness. I'm sorry for the delay. This trip, like the other was full of crafts and hanging out. Marmee and I traveled to Holly's house this time.

The first night we were together, we decided to use hot glue and buttons to create something pretty on a canvas. It was pretty fun and I liked the way it turned out. The picture below is our finished works. I am, clearly, the odd woman out. My flower makes me smile, though. I have had it up on my mantle since that day and it adds some color to the room. I figure it will get a more permanent spot somewhere in the house as we work more on our rooms.

We also made terrariums while we were together (and bracelets, but I don't love any of the pictures I took of those enough to post them)! Holly had most of the supplies ready when we got there. We just went searching for the plants themselves as well as little animal figures to put inside. It was more challenging to make them than I had expected, but I liked the way they turned out. I had to be sure to get plants that were non-toxic to cats, just in case. I put a little porcelain duck in my terrarium, and dubbed her Susannah. She's very cute. 

Sadly, my terrarium did not make it. I have since given up on it, but Susannah is hanging out on our bookshelf now. She's a cutie. 

It was a joy to be all together for a relaxing weekend. I got to see Alex, my brother-in-law a bit (he's usually out riding his bike if he is not working, you see) and visit with the cute pups, Charlie and Penny. They are very funny dogs and I love them. I made Marmee and Holly have a photo shoot with them before I left.

I am hopeful that we can get together for another girls weekend soon! It's always one of the best things ever. I always hate that my family is so far away and spread out, but I love it when we have the chance to be together.

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