Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dog Scarf

Easter Sunday, I got up and got everything ready to go to Boyfriend's sister's house for the holiday festivities. And then I realized that I had forgotten one of the most important things. I didn't make Regan her Easter scarf!! Thankfully, this was a project that took very little time and effort and I arrived to Boyfriend's parents house to present little Regan with something springy to wear!!

In making this little scarf, I followed this tutorial (without doing the iron-on words). I went with the measurements (mostly... I'll explain) for an extra small. See, I used a fat quarter that I had picked out for this exact purpose. I just turned the fat quarter into a square, cut it into two triangles and sewed those bad boys together. Boyfriend later asked me why I bothered cutting it into two triangles and I realize now that maybe I didn't need to. Hmm. I have plans to make a great deal more scarves for the dogs in my life in the future, so maybe I will try it out.

Anyway... here is Regan after I put the scarf on her and she decided it was the worst thing ever and needed to hide next to Boyfriend's dad:


And here is little Regan after she was encouraged to pose for a picture for me. She fakes enthusiasm so well:

This picture really is as good as it gets. She was not happy with me. Boyfriend's dad didn't realize that I had made the scarf immediately, but when he found out, he started training her to wear it. Muahaha, Regan!! I win!!!

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