Monday, July 16, 2012

The Great Ramen Adventure

If you have ever moved away from the place you grew up, you know that there are some things that you can never find that you always want when you're in the new place. I've lived in Pennsylvania for about four years now and I am still realizing some of the things that I could get in Michigan and that I can never find here. Some of those things are:

-Koegel brand hot dogs.
-A normal selection of Faygo pop flavors (p.s. when I went to their site to get the link to put here, I learned that they are, apparently "The Original Party Pop." Did you know that?
-Maruchan Ramen (most stores around here sell another brand, so the flavor selection is not very vast.

I was in Michigan for the weekend for a family reunion (more on that later, hopefully). When Boyfriend and I were heading out of town to make the trek back to PA, we stopped at the little grocery store near my grandparents' small town (my grandpa worked there for exactly one day once upon a time- haha!) and decided to get some Koegels to bring home. I was also reminded that I needed to pick up some of the creamy chicken flavor of the Maruchan ramen. Why, you ask? Because it is the BEST. I love it so much and I haven't had it for years. We bought some. We bought a lot. At four for $1, how could I resist?

I took that picture while basically running through the grocery store. If you look up in the top left corner, you can see Boyfriend's feet. He walks really fast, you see. I have to keep up. Anywayyyy... I bought all of the ramen you see there. ALL of it. I am very excited. And now very hungry. Perhaps that is what I will have for lunch...

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