Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Birthday Salsa

Our weekends are usually pretty interesting around here. We like to explore and drive and sometimes just sit on the couch. This morning has gotten the weekend off to a good start. We woke up, went for a short drive and came home so I could start making salsa. Today is Boyfriend's niece's 2nd birthday. Have I ever mentioned her before? If I refer to The Duck, that's who I mean. She dressed up like a duck for her first Halloween and we've just been calling her that since. She's adorable. Anyway... her parents decided to have a taco bar for her party and her mom asked that I make salsa. How do I make my salsa, you ask? Easy peasy:

-roma tomatoes
-white onion
-a wee bit of hot pepper
-lime juice

How much of each thing is pretty dependent on how much salsa I want to end up with (and it almost always looks like way less than I planned). For the party, I used ten (or was it twelve?) tomatoes, one and  half onions, one little green hot pepper (that I never knew the name of because it wasn't labeled at the store but that must be hot because I touched my face and it is now burning), a few sprigs of cilantro from my garden, and an unknown quantity of lime juice. I am very meticulous about cutting everything for the salsa. I want all of the veggies to be in little cubes, you see. I asked Boyfriend if he wanted to help cut stuff and he said he didn't have the patience for that method of cutting (he would just chop everything and throw it together very quickly) so I popped on my headphones and listened to Alec Baldwin's podcast. The episode featuring Kristen Wiig, to be specific. It was a good time.

I'm finished with the salsa now (I tried it and it seems to be delicious), but I am nervous that it won't be enough for everyone that will be there (about eleven people, maybe). I guess we'll see. I'm super excited to give The Duck her birthday present. We bought her a little kid basketball hoop! She will probably love it.

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