Friday, July 6, 2012

Whoa, Nelly!

Well. If you are alive, you know that it is HOT. H-O-T hot. I think it is hot pretty much everywhere, right? My parents live in North Carolina and it is hot there. My sister and brother in law live in Michigan and it is hot there. My grandparents live in the middle of the woods in northern Michigan so sometimes they are lucky and it is not as hot there. Seriously, though. Yikes. A really fun thing is that, at work, the room in which my cube is located is always way hotter than the regular office. The four of us that work in that room were dying today. Ugh. I feel bad that the cats are home alone when it is hot, but we leave air conditioners running for them and make sure they have fresh water and I think they're doing alright.

**Side note: American Pie is playing on the radio right now and it occurs to me that this song always plays around this time on Fridays. I'm usually cleaning or something when I hear it, though. I wonder why this is.**

Anywayyyy... It is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow! When I looked at the weather on my phone, it showed a cactus. A CACTUS!!!!! That cannot be good.

File:Barrel cactus with a view.JPG 

Stay cool, friends. Drink water!!


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