Sunday, July 8, 2012


A couple of months ago, I think, I planted some herb seeds in little pots. I painted the rims of these pots with chalkboard paint. This seemed like a really cute way to label the pots. Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration the whole water+ chalk issue. Oops. I put seeds for oregano, chamomile, rosemary and lavender into the dirt, covered them up and crossed my fingers. So far, I have sprouts in all pots but the one containing the lavender. The lavender!! This was the herb that made me decide to do this project and, so far, there isn't a sign of a sprout. I'm pretty bummed about this.

Boyfriend and I have decided to put a little greenhouse in the corner of the yard (maybe this will take care of the insane mint problem we have going on...) so I am hopeful that I can get some seeds sprouting in there and then I can be successful with this lavender thing. Why am I so obsessed with growing lavender, you ask? It's beautiful! It smells nice! I can use it in little DIY projects to make my house happy. You know. 

Here's hoping I'll have some someday. Cross your fingers!

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