Saturday, November 3, 2012

And Here's Booper!

Let me introduce you to the second in my trio of crazy felines. This is Booper. His given name is Chicken, but he only answers to Booper, so we never call him that. Only our veterinarian and apothecary (yes, recently I had to go to an apothecary to get him some medicine) call him Chicken.

Boyfriend acquired Booper because he felt like Kittnins would be better off having a friend around when he was not at home. He was chosen because he was the only cat of around the same age that did not have kennel cough and seemed nice enough. (P.S. His shelter name was Lester, which is hilarious to me.) Booper was definitely a good choice.

He is, like all of our cats, quite an individual. Here are some facts about him:

-Booper's signature sound can best be described as a "kreach." If you say his name, he responds with it (sometimes without making a noise and just opening his mouth).
-Whatever breed he is means that he has a little fat pad on his belly. This makes him extra cuddly.
-He loves scratching posts.
-He has a recurring virus that comes around and makes him have sneeze fits every few months.
-He loves to spoon.

Coming soon, last but certainly not least... Bandit!

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