Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Apron

Friends, I've made an apron. I used a tutorial that I found on a blog called Stitches in Play. The original tutorial is meant to make an apron for an adult, but I decided to make one half the size to give to our dear little Duck. She loves playing in her pretend kitchen, cooking up an imaginary storm.

My chosen fabric came from some beautiful remnants that I purchased at Joann's a while back. I think they work well together, especially for a toddler. Hahaha. When I give it to her, I will probably ask her to discuss the colors featured on the fabric and we will probably then talk about flowers. Maybe then she will cook me something in her little kitchen.

 Below is a strap in progress. So much folding, pinning and ironing!

Since the tutorial aimed to make sure that no seams were exposed, the trim was attached like so:

And then I attached the strap to the top of the apron body:

And here is the beautiful finished product! I think I'll give it to the Duck at Thanksgiving, because I probably can't contain my excitement until Christmas.

My next project for the Duck: a tote bag! Stay tuned!

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