Monday, November 5, 2012

What a Day!

Today was... special. So special. I guess you could say it began being crazy last night. When I went into the bedroom to go to sleep, I instantly became wide awake. Boyfriend was out like a light (that's what a fourteen hour work day over the weekend will do to a person) and I got up and down a few times before convincing myself to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I then woke up approximately every two hours. A lot of these wake ups were cat-related (they never let me sleep when I want to!), but some of them were just lay-wide-awake-in-the-dark-for-no-reason-related.

When I first got up to get ready for work, things were going along just fine. Sure, I was rushing, but that isn't unusual. I decided to wear some newish black flats that I had lurking in my closet. The last time I wore them, my feet were not happy. I figured I needed to try to break them in. I put some band-aids in my pocket as an insurance policy (this is probably where everything went downhill. What kind of day are you anticipating if you pack band-aids on your person??). 

When I got downstairs, I got my lunch together, my water bottle filled, etc. I gave Booper his medicine and I went to grab the tote bag that I put all of that extra crap in to carry to the office. When I put my coat on, I checked my pocket for my work ID. I usually leave it in my coat. It was not there. I vaguely remembered taking it out over the weekend and attaching it, with the clippy thing, to my tote bag. Not there either. WHERE THE HECK WAS IT?!! I was running out of time, so I had to leave the house without it. Also, right before I left the house, I noticed a hole in my pants. Near my waist region, so it was covered by my sweater, thankfully. Good thing, because I didn't have time to change my clothes. DANG IT.

Now, the first through the fifth of each month is the most insane for me. My co-secretary had a vacation day scheduled today, so I was on my own. And it was nuts. SO nuts. It was also my mail and fax day, so I was basically just running around the office all day. My phone was ringing like crazy and I could not answer every call. I didn't even have time to check my voicemail or that of my co-secretary. I had to eat my lunch at noon instead of one because I had to cover the front desk from one until two. UGHHHHHHH.

Today was just ridiculous. Thankfully, it is over and I am home. I have cute felines nearby, a cute boyfriend upstairs and I can forget about the office for a little while. Whew.

Sorry for the long, rambling, possibly whiny post. Just needed to put that out there.

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